Saturday, October 18, 2014


Welcome to my first blog...and my first blog post!

I wish we were chatting face to face so I could hear more about your story as I share mine...and so I hope you will reach out and connect with me after reading a bit more about my intention for this blog :)

For several months, I have wanted to start a blog.  But what to blog about?! I have SO many interests and, nutrition, fitness, wellness, happiness, cooking, baking, art, diy projects...I was having a hard time deciding what to choose! How could I narrow it down to one topic? I mean I went through 10000x of blog names in my head: From Kate's Plate, The Sweaty Wifey, etc.

That's when that AHA! moment happened.  I was driving and listening to a podcast (yes, fun fact - I listen to podcasts any chance I can!) and a line spoke directly to me.

Live your life with intention.

Now, I know I had heard that line in the past, but for whatever reason it was ringing in my head that day and everything was starting to make sense. I suddenly thought, "This is exactly how I live."   Everything I do in my life has to have a meaning.  It has to have intention. Let me example: I cannot sit and watch a TV show...unless I am also spending that time with my husband or a family member or friends.  I cannot simply drive to the gym or the grocery store without listening to a podcast or audiobook because I am always seeking to improve myself or learn more.  I cannot sleep (ok, bad habit!) because my head spinning with ideas or questions.  I suppose this makes me a queen of multitasking.

But because of this "habit," I have learned a lot about all of these topics and my intention is not to keep them bottled up, but to share them in a fun and creative way with all of you.

I hope you will continue this journey with me.  But even more, I hope I can inspire you and bring a better purpose to your day and your life.

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