Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Once upon a time...

Let me explain a bit about my history with nutrition & fitness.

I was -- okay, maybe still am a bit?! :/ -- a sweet food addict.  I learned and firmly believed that "calories in=calories out" was the way to design my diet and food choices throughout much of my life.  Therefore, in high school, I would eat ICE CREAM for lunch because it was about 450 calories...about the same as the sandwich or salad and soup I could have opted to eat.  That is, I ate my beloved ice cream for lunch until the lunch lady saw my mom and TOLD on me. {if looks could kill...}  But looking back, I'm glad she did it!!

I was victim to the marketing extravaganza of low-fat diets, low-carb diets, and an array of eating habits that I now know are just not good for our bodies. No wonder I felt like c.r.a.p.

I was also the cardio queen, partially because I was terrified of the dudes lifting weights at the gym.  I would stop on my way home from work and run on the treadmill or feverishly elliptical away that ice cream every time I stepped into LA Fitness.  Sure, I added some crunches, maybe some tricep dips.  But overall, I just have to shake my head.  ESPECIALLY because I see so many people still doing the same.

On some level, "calories in=calories out" will keep your relationship with the scale in check.  But my body composition was not what I would consider healthy.  I suppose I would call myself a "skinny-fat person" if you have heard that term lately.  I'm glad no one was measuring my body fat composition then.  Slowly, I started realizing that my mindset was wrong.

Insert Beachbody home workout programs & nutrition drink, Shakeology.  I moved away from those machines and pure cardio and found a way to satisfy my sweet tooth with a healthier alternative and workouts that incorporated more strength training.  I can save that story for later, but this was another AHA! moment for me.

I believe in knowledge and education (I mean, I do teach!) and in the past few years, I have researched and studied and researched and listened.  I've conducted "experiments" on myself.  I now have the firm belief that we have to feed ourselves the way BIOLOGY (or our creator, depending on your viewpoint) intended.

I believe in eating REAL foods. I do not believe in counting calories (this is what works for me - you may not agree!). I believe in treating my body with respect.  I believe in having energy.  I believe in FEELING GOOD.  

I am excited to share what I have learned. Decide today that you are going to make the change and educate yourself.  It is SO worth it!!

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