Sunday, November 09, 2014

Nutrition is PERSONAL

We make a lot of mistakes when it comes to nutrition, and this happens because we want simple rules.  We want a black and white list - "What to Eat and What NOT to Eat."  We want a SIMPLE go-to for how to structure our meals: low carb, no carb, no gluten, low fat...Paleo, Atkins, South Beach Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, on and on and on.  Just walk the "health" aisle in Barnes & Noble to find your selection.

The truth is Nutrition is PERSONAL.

NO one has the same genetic make-up and therefore the way that food responses in YOUR body will be different than the response in MY body.  Those are the facts - those are the rules.

Do you know people that SWEAR by a certain way of eating? Awesome - that is what works FOR THEM.  It does not necessarily mean that it will work for you.  Can you try it?  Absolutely, but learn to take notes about how you feel while you do it. (And I wouldn't always trust Joe Shmo on the street.  A lot of people have a lot of opinions about nutrition).

What we do know is that processed foods are not benefitting anyone.  Eating real, whole foods is the best way to go, and then see how it works for you from there.  Make adjustments and listen to your body.

For example, I WANT to eat oatmeal, quinoa, dairy, beans (to name a few).  I DO love to eat them and the variety of meals I can make with those ingredients, but the fact remains, my body does not respond well to them.  Even having a "Shakeology Protein Ball" made with some oatmeal does not settle well :( Occasionally, I will eat them, but I'm aware of the consequences.  I've listened and had enough "experiences" to know my body's's a risk I choose to take! 

So naturally, some people ask "What exactly are whole foods?"

Well, I think that will have to be the next post ;)

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