Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week Two of Thanks

Day 8 - I LOVE New Recipes! 
Today, I made homemade almond butter. 
So easy & so delicious! 3 cups of almonds in the food processor and GO!

Day 9 - Penn State's THON and Canning
It was a canning weekend for the current Penn State students and it always makes me proud to see them on the corners raising money for The Four Diamond Foundation and pediatric cancer.  I was a THON dancer with my best friend in 2010 and it was truly one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences of my life.

Day 10 - Sometimes you just need to "soak it off"

My Grandfather, Vic

My Late Grandfather, Jerry

Day 12 - This is a screen shot of our pup Murphy running for joy with his new bone.  It reminded me that sometimes you just need to get excited about the little things.

Day 13 - Snow Flurries...the first snowfall of the winter! Since I missed Winter for the most part in PA last year, I was excited for it! (But once Christmas is over, I will not be!)

Day 14 - Muggsy <3
He was our family dog growing up - he made it to 17 years old!
Today would have been his 18th birthday.  Our family misses this little dog so much.

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