Monday, January 05, 2015

"Common Sense is Surprisingly Rare in Nutrition"

Whoa.  Kinda harsh, don't ya think?

I read this tagline today for an article floating around the web-o-sphere and thought, "Here's another frustrated writer, at the beginning of new year, ready to tear 'dieters' a new one."

To my surprise, I found myself nodding in agreement as I read the article.  I may have even throw in a little fist pump! (Okay, it was a mental fist pump).

By the end of the article, I was just angry.  Angry that I did not write it first!  Oh why have I been dragging my feet with "this blogging thing."  So, my hat's off to you, Kris Gunnars.  It was gladly worth my time AND a share on Facebook.

After I shared the article on my personal FB page, I got a few messages from friends and a few shares from my link....which was just what I needed...

This article gave me hope and a new sense of appreciation for what I've learned about health and nutrition (especially in the last year) and what/how I can share it with others.  I'm sure I will cover many of these 20 Nutritional Facts throughout my journey on this blog, but please do me a favor, and give yourself a headstart.

Read >> 20 Nutrition Facts That Should be Common Sense (But Aren’t)  <<

And so, my blog may not be perfect right now.  I'm finally okay with that.  I have important facts and stories to share. It will be pretty....eventually.

Seriously, let's do this thing. :)