Monday, February 09, 2015

{{ Day 1 }} of the 5 Days to Fall in Love with Yourself Challenge

Saturday is Valentine's Day.  Some people may think this holiday is silly or unnecessary or "Hallmark's Money Maker" holiday, but truthfully, is it so bad to have a day to honor and remind those you love what they mean to you?  In theory, we would do this all the time...but we overwork and over-stress ourselves and unfortunately those relationships can be put on the back burner.  ESPECIALLY the relationship we have with OURSELVES.

This is why I decided to create this challenge.

Each day, I will post a step to heal the relationship you have with yourself and give you something to DO, THINK, or FEEL.  If you are going to post about it on social media, use the hashtag #inlovewithme2015 to inspire others on the same journey.  Feel free to pin, steal, whatever with the photos.  I want as many as possible to start to develop a healthy relationship with themselves this February!

Let's get started!!


Day 1 is about truly looking at yourself and finding that real beauty.  How many times have you looked in the mirror and picked yourself apart; "Ugh my thighs, my belly, my {insert undesired bodypart}" I'm having flashbacks to the scene in Mean Girls. Stop it! Stop focusing on what you perceive as negatives!  Cady had no concept of doing such a thing - this awful habit is a learned behavior, as the Plastics taught her and as we have unfortunately taught ourselves. But, you can un-learn this behavior {although it will take more than one day...let's learn how!}

First, stop focusing on individual body parts.  Instead, I want you to look in the mirror and see yourself as the whole person you are.  Appreciate what you body does for you everyday.  Find what you love and respect about yourself.  Know how beautiful you really are.  Let your inner beauty shine through you.

Are you having trouble with this?  Then imagine looking at yourself through the eyes of your loved one - your spouse/significant other, your parent, your family, your friends.  They unconditionally love you - what do they see?  Let that be your focus and let it resonate with you.  Trust and BELIEVE in those thoughts and carry them with you throughout the day.

Practice this every morning before you get ready.  Teach yourself to find the GOOD in YOU because that beauty is there waiting to be appreciated!

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