Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{{ Day 3 }} of the 5 Days to Fall In Love with Yourself Challenge

Alright so let's recap...

You are working on looking in the mirror and loving what you see; looking at the whole person and not focusing on individual parts.

You've learned about self-affirmations and to find a phrase to repeat to yourself throughout the day.  Positive thoughts!

So what do we have for Day 3?


Get moving!  Have you heard the new (and overdo) mantra: STRONG is the new Skinny.  We are women.  We are all built differently, but beautifully.  If you are in a position right now where you may not "love" what you look like, then let's do something about it!  Empower yourself. Take control.  Seek to be better.
Today's advice, do one thing everyday that makes you feel strong.  Do one thing everyday that makes you appreciate your body.  To some, it may be on a yoga mat, some may go to kickboxing class, others may hit the weight room, and you may put on music and dance.  It could be the mental game of ONE more rep than yesterday or adding ONE more pound to your weight.  It is an individually unique experience and that is what makes it so much more special.

Fall in love with your body NOT because of how you look, but because of HOW YOU FEEL.

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