Thursday, February 12, 2015

{{ Day 4 }} of the 5 Days to Fall In Love with Yourself Challenge

Day 1 - Find Your Beauty    Day 2 - Self-Affirmations     Day 3 - Be Strong

We are getting there : )


What happens when you get busy and are stressed out?  Self-care and YOUR needs quickly fall to the bottom of the list.  But we can't accept this.  When you take care of yourself, everything else will start to fall into place.
Treating yourself does not have to mean that you have to spend money (although a mani/pedi, new makeup, or a fun shopping trip could do the trick!).  Give yourself permission to watch TV, read a book, flip through a magazine, listen to your favorite playlist, paint your nails, take a bubble bath, call your girlfriends, take a walk...did you see those first three words? GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION.  That means you do NOT feel guilty for doing whatever you choose to do for yourself.  You are going to consciously make the decision to take the TIME for yourself instead of whatever else you could be doing and that is OKAY.
Think about it, time is really the best gift you can give someone because it is precious and limited.  You can never get time back.  Make yourself a priority.  Give yourself the gift of your time.

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