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The 5 Lessons I Learned from Insanity Max:30

Have you ever completed an at-home workout program from beginning to end?

SO many people buy the products just for them to collect dust on shelves. A sad, but unfortunately true story. It is one reason why I enjoy being a Beachbody Coach - it provides me the opportunity to help people through the programs and keep them accountable and on track :)

Well, if I'm going to expect it of my clients, I better expect it of myself!  December 15th began my Max:30 journey with 60+ coaches on our POWer Krew Beachbody Team.  Sometimes it is just fun to be on the "other side" again!  So grateful to be apart of a team that works together to continuously fitness, health, and business!  {{In fact, it was so awesome we have a 21 Day Fix Extreme group coming up next!}}

What is Insanity Max:30?  It is a brand-new program developed by fitness celebrity trainer, Shaun T.  In just 30 minutes, ST manages to push you to your limit using your own bodyweight and incorporating some of the greatest new training formats.
What makes this program unique is that it holds you accountable with what is called a "max out" time.  There are 5 workouts for Month 1 and 5 workouts for Month 2 (both include 10 min Abs + Pulse, a recovery workout).  During each workout, you truly push yourself to your MAX - meaning the first time you have to take a break or break good form in the workout.  You quickly write that time down and then jump back in to finish the 30 minutes. Many people thought the "max out" time was the END of the workout, butttt you don't get away that easily.  Your goal is to beat your max-out time from the week/time before.  You HAVE to push yourself to get better - pretty genius!  No just "pushing play" and dogging the workout in this program!

I admit, I did quite a few things wrong while completing this program.  First, I overtrained - I was teaching my own classes, training, going to my favorite classes, and throwing in these workouts.  It was nice that each workout was only 30 minutes, but it made it too easy to "add in" to my schedule (most of the time, on my lunchbreak!) instead of replacing.  As you can see from my calendar, I had many, many cross-offs and rearrangements, but I made it all fit. Second, I did not follow the meal plan.  Due to everything else I just mentioned, I knew I had to take in more calories than the program recommended to keep up my energy, but instead of following the plan in the higher bracket, I just ate what I wanted! Whoops! I eat pretty clean 90% of the time, but I was also not as cognizant as I wish I would have been.  Just being honest here!

Okay, okay.  Here's what I really wanted to share! : )

The 5 Lessons I Learned from Insanity Max:30

Lesson 1: You Don't Need Equipment or Lots of Time to Improve Your Fitness Level

This is a lesson that Shaun T has taught me a few times.  With the first at-home program I ever completed, INSANITY, ST proved that you do not need equipment to get awesome results, but the workouts were around 45 minutes...which was hard to schedule and were exhausting!  Then, he came out with T25.  I loved T25, but honestly never finished the calendar as written...I kinda just picked my favorite discs and did those time to time.  Insanity Max:30 is a perfect combination for me.  The high-intensity of Insanity (but hey, there's a modifier to make it low-impact too!  High-intensity does NOT mean you have to destroy your joints if you know that is a limitation!), the simplicity of just needing a way to Push Play and area to move, and the time factor of 30 minutes.

Lesson 2: Shaun T is the BEST Trainer...with the BEST One-Liners

If you couldn't tell, I'm a huge Shaun T fan.  I've been to fitness conventions, worked out with a lot of different trainers live and at-home, and his motivation, energy, and passion just resonates with me.  Mostly because he is genuine, he wants people to succeed in his programs, he takes the time for his fans, and he stays connected - throughout the workout and via social media.  He is a product of his own products and goes through the programs himself so he knows exactly what everyone is going through.  Not to mention, he pulls out the best one-liners in the workouts! A few of my favorites from Max30:

  • You need to find your life right now.
  • I'm back, b*itches
  • I'm about to kill you right now...
  • I don't care if you have fat abs, skinny abs, no are in my gym and you are going to work!
  • That was the hardest workout I've ever taught.

Lesson 3: Results are NOT About Numbers

My day job is teaching high schoolers math.  I love numbers.  I love data.  I love comparing.  This is not always a great thing, especially for a perfectionist.  BUT for the first time in my life, I don't feel like I have to run to step on the scale or pull out the measuring tape because I KNOW I improved in this program.  I KNOW I can do more push-ups, I KNOW my endurance is SO much is written right there on the paper!  I also know that my pants are fitting looser, I know I can see more definition in my arms, my abs, and my legs.  Most importantly, I know I feel better and I'm way more confident in myself.  So even though it would probably be great to say "Oh, I lost 5 pounds and 10 inches," I think I may bypass the measurements for now.  My results are not in the numbers this time.

Lesson 4: You Will Only Go As Far As Your Mind Let's You Go

With writing the Max-Out time each day, you HAD to get your mind right before pushing play.  If you were defeated mentally, there was no way to make it further than the time before.  You had to want to work. You also had to want to Max Out.  This was an interesting program to do and watch others complete at the same time.  I could have easily done moves "halfway" or modified or spread out my endurance and made that max out time longer, but that is not what this was about to me.  It was about pushing as hard as I could literally push every single workout and maxing out as EARLY as I could.  I know that was the best way to improve  It is like the idea behind Tabatas that I wrote about in my previous post.  You can get a GREAT workout in, athlete or not, if you push as hard as you can in 4 minutes.  I tried to record days where my mind just wasn't in the game, and sometimes those were my longest times because it was more of a "going through the motions" workout.  I find that fascinating!
I follow a few coaches that were in the "test group" for the program and one in particular had the same mindset as I did.  She literally called BS on people that "don't max out" or make it super far in the 20 minute marks...that's NOT how this was designed.  You ARE supposed to Max Out.  In fact, she said Shaun T is usually around the 8-12 minute mark.  That helped give me a lot of perspective about the program's intentions and my mindset when I pressed play each day.

Lesson 5: What You Do in Your Workouts Will Translate to Your Life

This one hit me hard, especially around week 6.  Shaun talks at the beginning of each disc - probably some of my favorite parts of the program - giving motivation and inspiration to each member of the cast. How were they going to make it through the workout?  But how was that going to make them better in their life?  I've had some hardships happen personally in the past 8 weeks.  It would have been easy to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and feel sorry for myself and ask "Why?"  But instead, my mentality was way stronger than it has ever been.  I was and still am able to push through - I can literally "dig deep" and find my inner power to keep going.  I learned that I am strong not just physically, but mentally.  This was the greatest lesson, BY FAR, that Shaun T has taught me.

Although I was pretty much looking forward to the last day, I'm really sad it's over! I know I'll be doing to start another round (when the time settles down a little bit, of course!) and I'm excited to see where it will take me.
Have questions? Want to give Insanity Max:30 a try?  Don't hesitate to message me!  I'll give you all the information and support you need to succeed.

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