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Are you a SUGAR Burner or a FAT Burner?

Are you a SUGAR Burner or a FAT Burner?

This is a seriously important question!

Biologically, our body's metabolism is designed to be energized from both fat and glucose, mostly fat.  Fat burning, aka using fat for energy, IS the preferred state for our human body.  It is why we have fat in our body in concentrated forms of stored energy - so we can tap into those resources when we need them!  HOWEVER (you know this was coming, right?!) our modern culture primarily lives off of glucose aka sugar.  And guess what, Sugar burning metabolisms turn OFF our Fat burning metabolism.  SAY WHAT?! 

Take my quiz to find out if you are a FAT or SUGAR BURNER at the end of this post!

If you are a FAT BURNER, you can still burn glucose whenever you need it.  BUT THE REVERSE IS NOT TRUE.  AKA a Sugar Burner CANNOT burn fat when needed!!  This is a huge difference and SO important in understanding how to balance your diet if you are currently a sugar metabolizer.  It is not a one-step recovery process.  It takes time and understanding.

If you suddenly add more fat to your diet as a sugar burner, you will most likely gain weight until you adjust your metabolism to become more of a fat metabolizer.  This frustrates a lot of people, and keeps the sugar burning cycle going because people love to place blame, and poor fat always seems to be on the end of that stick. Fat is NOT the problem, it is the way your body handles the fat. Patience and time are critical.  Understanding YOUR body is critical.  Healing is critical.

It is not as easy as picking up a book or reading an article to decide what you should be feeding your body.  Your lifestyle, your body, YOU are unique.  Working with a nutritional therapist or holistic nutritionalist can provide you answers to questions you may have been asking for years.  Unfortunately, this is something that in not necessarily taught in modern medical programs and therefore may not be a conversation you have had with your traditional doctor.

Although I'm not through NTC program yet, I am going to start working with some "test" clients in the near future with a practice opening (tentatively) in Fall 2015.  Please get in touch with me - I'd love to help you personally or assist you in finding resources in your area so you can get on your path to optimal health!

SUGAR Burner or FAT Burner?

Although this is not comprehensive quiz, this is a good place to start! Are you a SUGAR Burner or FAT Burner? Let's see how you measure up!

  1. If I skip a meal, ...

  2. I AM HANGRY. Stay out of my way!
    Not a big deal, I'm able to keep going on with my day.
    I usually develop some symptoms - a headache or some irritability.

  3. How many times do you have to eat in the day?

  4. 2-3
    5-6 or more

  5. How is your energy level?

  6. Pretty consistent - able to make it through the day with plenty of energy
    Like a roller coaster ride - up and down all day
    Varies from day to day

  7. After you eat a meal, how do you feel?

  8. No real change
    A surge of energy and a sense of relief

  9. How do you feel between meals?

  10. A lot of cravings, usually for carbs or sugar
    Afternoon craving for sugar, caffiene, or salt
    I get hungry inbetween, but no real specific cravings

  11. How do you sleep?

  12. I have trouble falling asleep
    I can sleep through the night very well.
    I fall asleep, but usually wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble staying asleep.

  13. What is your energy in the morning?

  14. I wake up rested and ready for the day.
    I'm usually tired and not feeling rested or restored.
    I have a hard time waking up.

  15. During exercise, what typically happens to your energy?

  16. I usually hit a wall and crash.
    I'm able to easily make it through a workout without any help.
    I can make it through a workout, but usually need a stimulant (pre-workout) of some sort.

Thanks for taking my quiz!! You will receive a score out of 16 on the following page. The higher your score, the better!!  You can email me your score & any questions by clicking "Email Me!" on the next page.

If you score 1-7, you are a SUGAR BURNER.
If you score 8-12, you are on your way to being a FAT Burner.
If you score 13-16, you are a FAT BURNER. Congrats!

Don't forget to get in touch (website, email, Facebook) if you have any questions about the quiz or being a Sugar-Burner or Fat-Burner!

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