Monday, April 20, 2015

My Sans Alcohol Vegas Weekend

Las Vegas.  Sin City.  City of Lights.  Entertainment Capital of the World.

This was my FIRST trip to I wasn't really sure what to expect!  

When I heard "Vegas," I originally thought of blinking lights, rounds of drinks, show girls, casinos, gambling, hangovers, elaborate hotels, sunshine...

So now that I've been there, what do I remember?  Whole Foods, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaires, Symptom Burden Graphs, sunlight, kombucha, highlighters, "how's that working for you?," "life so hard for you," multiple "mind blown" moments, and new friendships.

And now that I think about it...
I technically can't say that it was sans alcohol weekend because I DID accidentally (on purpose) buy the GT Kombucha that was 21 and over ;)

It was scary signing up for the program to become a Nutritional Therapy Consultant.  I didn't know what it was going to entail. And it was another financial investment...the program, the books, the weekend away... I thought I would just be gaining some more education about food that I could use in my already fairly healthy lifestyle and advice to offer my fitness class and challenge group participants.

I did not realize that I was leaping into my true passion.  It is a strange feeling to describe, but my soul felt satisfied and fulfilled after this weekend. (My mind, however, is having a hard time formulating sentences after all the information we tried absorbing the past 3 days...I apologize!)

I am so anxious to get started with my own practice.  Although it is WAY more work than my grad school program (or maybe it is the combination of the 3 jobs + the program that is making the time management more difficult...), I am genuinely excited to soak up all the information week to week as much as possible.  I am always hungry (pun) for more!

Anyway, just wanted to write so you did not think I disappeared!  I'm just trying to find the time to share with all of you the healing power and benefits of nutrition and lifestyle :)  I promise, there is WAY more in the future!

Until next time!

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