Sunday, May 17, 2015

5 Favorites This Week

1. Natural Makeup from 100% Pure

A friend from my NTC program recommended this brand to me, and I'm in love! I <3 this line from their About Us page, "Just as birth control patches and nicotine patches deliver the medication topically, whatever we apply on our skin gets absorbed which is why all 100% Pure formulas are free of harmful toxins that are commonly in other cosmetics. 100% Pure’s mission is to create the healthiest cosmetics made with the highest quality ingredients." As everything else in our house that I'm converting, I am only allowing myself to purchase items as mine run out.  I have the fruit pigmented tinted moisturizer, lip & cheek tint, and conditioner!  Next up, shampoo, mascara & eyeliner.  Check out this awesome company! -->

2. Names

What's in a name?  Perhaps you saw this Time article floating around Facebook, but it's so fun!  Input your name, year your were born, and gender and you will get what your name would have been during different decades!  I would have been named Lydia today :) -->

3. Collector's Edition Magazines

I have to admit, I should be studying for my midterm right now, but it is hard for me to focus for SO long.  So in-between chapters, I've been reading People's gorgeous collector's edition of Princess Charlotte and the royal family {obviously!}

4. Beachbody On Demand

Team Beachbody released "Beachbody On Demand" a while ago, but this was the first week I really started to use it.  Think of it as Netflix for Workouts!  Before using it, I was indifferent.  I thought it was a cool concept, but wondered "Is it really that big of a deal to just have access without the DVD?"  uh, YES!  It's awesome because I have access to programs I don't own in their DVD form, like all the P90X programs, TurboFire, Insanity: The Asylum, ChaLean Extreme, etc...and I can just go in and click on any of the workouts and bam, I'm working out!  Plus, you have access to any programs that you purchased that aren't part of the member library.  Gotta admit, they got it right here!  Check it out here or message me to chat more about it! 

5. Sunshine & Healthy Fats

I've been enjoying the sunshine & Vitamin D while studying the past few weeks...but also making sure I'm enjoying my healthy fats! {Huh?}  Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means you have to have fat present in your system to absorb it!  Good sources of fat are cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, avocados & more.
About 80-90% of the Vitamin D that we humans will absorb comes from sunlight (seasonal depression northerners?)  However, it can also be found in oily fish (wild-caught Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, Mackerel) and organic, cage-free eggs.
What does Vitamin D do for you?  It keeps your bones healthy, fights off colds and improves immune system, and also helps depression.  It can also help with preventing cancer, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.  Well worth the effort ;)

xo, Kate

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