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I've created this page because I have tried countless products throughout my health and fitness journey and listed below are books and products that I believe in.  I have these items in my home and personally use them on a daily basis.  I would be happy to answer any questions!
I hope you enjoy!
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I started my journey to better wellness long before I ever started reading about it. However, 2014 was full of research and reading everything I could to understand how the body functions, how to develop a healthy relationship with food, and much more.  These were some of the awesome books that helped shape my education about wellness, nutrition, and health.  I am sure I will have many to add after my Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC) education is complete in 2015!


I use Coconut Oil for cooking, baking, beauty/body products, bulletproof coffee, and more!
It is one of the most versatile products out there :)
Apple Cider Vingear has many health benefits...just make sure you don't drink it straight! It is very acidic, so always dilute it.  My personal favorite is making salad dressings using ACV.  It is also excellent for extracting nutrients in homemade broth, as well as soaking beans to help in digestion.  It can also be used to treat hair (under Beauty Items below).
Ghee {although it is not overly difficult to make homemade, check out this resource} is a clarified butter that removes the milk solids from butter, making it ideal for those with dairy intolerances.  It is a good source for your digestive system, doesn't have to be refrigerated (and it lasts longer), and is tasty!  There are many different brands out there and some can be pricy.  Homemade really is the best for this one, but here is a great brand from Amazon.  Also check out Primal Food Pantry.
I use almond flour and coconut flour for everything!  Great alternatives to traditional flour and used in several Paleo recipes.

Acne Stop is a great product for breakouts.  It also helps to dissolve blackheads and clear pores.  This product can be used on face, back, chest, etc.

I have recently switched from traditional shampoo an conditioner to using a BAR shampoo from Primal Life Organics.  No chemicals and it doesn't strip the natural oils from my hair leaving it much healthier and much curlier! :) Also, check out this double use of ACV straight from Primal Life Organics:
"Recommendation: Follow with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse- Dilute 1/3 ACV with 2/3 water and adjust as needed. Vinegar balances the Ph of the scalp, fights dandruff and itch, and acts as a conditioner making the hair shiny and soft."

Dragonfly Traditions is a sponsor of one of my favorite podcasts, Balanced Bites.  I love all of their products, especially the night cream and face cleansing oil.  Check them out!

I'm a huge fan of zucchini noodles, so this is used multiple times a week!  This is a great small, hand-held version of a spiralizer.

I make my Shakeology shakes every single day, plus I grind up fresh coffee beans for my morning cup of joe, make homemade ice cream from frozen bananas, and so much more.  This doesn't even get put away throughout the day!  I've owned both the Nutribullet and Ninja...and I love them both!

I used to HATE making salads at home because of all the chopping, slicing, etc...even when I did it on the weekends I felt like I was just wasting time.  This has been a lifesaver for me!

Cheesecloth is awesome for straining to make recipes such as broth, cauliflower pizza crust, or fresh homemade almondmilk.

Although I am not fully converted myself, these glass storage containers should replace the plastic ones in your home!


Have you heard of {{Shakeology}} before?

Perhaps you've seen posts of people kissing their Shakeology bottles exclaiming how much they loooove this stuff "!!!"  Insisting how 'magical' it is and how it has helped them lose weight.  You may have seen countless pictures of recipes, the photos of it on vacation, at work, after the get my point...

...Or perhaps this is the FIRST time you are reading about it...and so far, I'm not painting a great picture here, right? :/

Although I'm guilty of probably all of the above {okay, definitely guilty...check out the pics from my personal instagram @katemarkovitz throughout this post}, it IS for a good reason.

Shakeology is pretty awesome - and when you find something you love, you tend to share it with other people.

My Story

I started drinking Shakeology in early 2012.  I ordered Insanity and Shakeology initially to get ready for our wedding in August 2012. Once a newlywed, I decided to stop drinking it because of the price.  I immediately felt a difference and was desperate to order again.  I was lacking energy, getting sick every other week (teaching children has that effect!), and craving sweets all the time. My nails were peeling again too...a side effect that was overlooked at first.  I had to actually make something to eat in the morning before work, which was nearly impossible for me to pull together since I was always running out the door! Although it took me a few months to get my act together, I reworked our monthly budget and also signed up to receive the discount.  My monthly green box was back!  And I haven't missed a day since.

What's the big deal? Aren't there hundreds of protein powders you could buy?

Sure...if I wanted just protein! And, truth be told, I do supplement with other proteins when I find it necessary. BUT Shakeology has essential amino acids, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, digestive enzymes...simply put: it is WAY more than a protein option.

Do those things matter?

Well, check this out...

It is worth having a conversation about, especially when thinking about our LACK of nutrition and the sad depletion of many of these important nutrients from our daily food choices. It would be nearly impossible to consume ALL of the nutrients found in this drink just from eating foods everyday. I find comfort knowing I have "the healthiest meal of the day" packed into one delicious shake EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Somewhat curious? I want to answer any and all questions about this for you.  I believe in this product.  No gimmicks, no sales pitch, no guilt...I can only share what it has done for me or those I know personally.

Leave a comment, send me an email, use the contact form...there are so many options!  I'd be happy to chat about it and send you a sample.  You can also check out more about the product {{ here.}}

Challenge Packs

A {{Challenge Pack}} includes an at-home fitness program WITH Shakeology for a discounted price.  This is how I began my Beachbody journey.  There are opportunities to win prizes and have ALL of the tools you need to be successful...including my support!  If you are considering an at-home fitness program, this is absolutely the best approach.  You will also automatically have a spot reserved in my next challenge group, which I run monthly.


Who wants to order a fitness program for it to collect dust on a shelf?! #NoOne.

My speciality is helping YOU stay accountable to your goals. I run virtual challenge groups every month that are designed to be engaging and fun.  I would be happy to help YOU get healthy starting TODAY.

30 minutes. INSANE results.

I am an Amazon affiliate and Beachbody coach.  Products purchased from links above will give a small contribution back to Happily Ever Kate endorsing the continuation of this blog.
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